Lego Saturn V Blast off



  • Hot gun
  • Hot glue pistol
  • Soldering iron
  • Drill machine
  • Crown drill bit

3D model:


Demo video:



Step 1: Solder Connectors

To make everything modular and easy repairable connectors were used. One connector for leds and one for power.

Power cable has dc connector and we have also made an adapter from dc to usb to have an option to power up from standard usb power supply.

Step 2: Upload Arduino Code and Test Connections

Arduino code:

Step 4: Installing LED Strip

All you need is to insert cable with connector from the top hole and after mount LED strip with double-sided tape all way around. To make construction secure add some superglue on each end of the LED strip.

Step 5: Few Modifications to the Plastic Bottle

We have used bottle with ⌀67mm inside and ⌀74mm outside. Close to the bottom part a small hole was made for power cable to pass through.

Then drilled a ⌀31mm hole at the bottom to have access to arduino and all connections in case something happens.

Next step - adding some backing paper to act as light diffuser, measurements: 19x25cm.

Step 6: Base

For more stability of the construction acrylic glass 30x30cm was used and drilled ⌀31mm hole in the middle of it. 

By adding acrylic glass as a base it gives us place to put cotton on.

Step 7: It's Time to Glue

First of all we put some superglue on the bottom of 3d printed led base and insert it to the bottle. Add some hot glue on the top to make construction sit together.

Now it's time to glue acrylic glass with the rest of the construction.

After connecting all wires together and testing it was time to get to the next step.

Step 8: Improvisation Time

We have used cotton from the ikea pillow.

Step 9: Adding Supports to the Saturn V

From the acrylic glass we bend two supports.


Hello! I am Artiom and I'm the light man. 💡😅 Enjoy working with LEDs and create other tech projects. Lately I have started hiking and travelling, taking pictures and videos of nature from different angles.