LED Tube


Demo video:



Step 1: cut paper

Take baking paper, cut it according to the tube's lenght and add 2-3cm from both sides.

Step 2: put paper inside

Roll paper and put it inside the tube by leaving 2-3cm from each side outside of the tube.


Step 3: cut ends vertically

Step 4: tape

Tape each slice/cut to the tube one by one.

Step 5: put LED strip inside

Put all leds inside except one. Bend it to the outer side of the tube. Close the cap.

Step 6: connect to controller

You can use any controller for leds, I decided to use the one from Magic Home, because it is compatible with smart home system that I'm using.

Connect another end of LEDs to controller and close the bottom part.

3d models:

Model 1

Model 2


Hello! I am Artiom and I'm the light man. 💡😅 Enjoy working with LEDs and create other tech projects. Lately I have started hiking and travelling, taking pictures and videos of nature from different angles.